PVC Strip Door


sabit sistem pvc kapı

PVC Strip Doors

askı sistem pvc kapı

Hang-on System PVC Strip Door

kayar şerit kapı

Sliding PVC Strip Door

akordion şerit kapı

Accordion PVC Strip Door



PVC Strip Doors reduce losses of Hot&Cold weather. Increases the energy savings and economic efficiency.
It provides bird and flying insect control . Restricts movement of air pollutants; such as smell, gases, dust, etc... Makes the workplace hygienic. Easy to install. Strip Doors protect against harmful levels of UV light in welding rooms . Admits the light, for a safer environment. Isolates noisy machinery. It requires minimum maintenance.



Main doors of factory inside or outside. Personel entry-exit doors, Loading doors, Kitchen doors, Paintworks Door, Welding and steam divisions, Manufacturing areas, In the entrance room of Cold Storage Warehouses and Freezer Rooms, On the conveyor bands.

According to Turkish Food Codex

Our PVC Strip Doors are suitable with regulations of Turkish Food Codex’, According to 560 Regulations about food production, consumption and control, PVC Strip Doors provide an ideal solutions for restructuring the food establishments. Especially in the food sector we recommended PVC Strip Door Systems for healthy and clean environment .




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