PVC Industrial Curtain


pvc endüstriyel bölme

For energy control and workplace safety;

The aim of safe PVC Welding Partitions and Rooms to create a safety workplace. Various design applications, you can respond to your needs fully choices.

Especially dividing the manufacturing areas such as textile company;
• Reduces Hot & Cold weather losses.
• Increases economic efficiency with energy savings
• Provides bird and flying insect control .
• Restricts movement of air pollutants; such as smell, gases, dust, etc...
• Makes the workplace hygienic.
• Easy to install.
• Protects against harmful levels of UV light in welding rooms .
• Admits light, for a safer environment.
• Isolates noisy machinery.
• Minimum maintenance.


pvc bölme


As a standart on the lower part of curtain Yellow / Matte PVC Film, on the middle section Transparent PVC Film and the upper section ,Blue / Matte PVC film is used. PVC thickness are 0.80 and 1.00 mm. It can produced fixed or sliding rail system. Curtains can be single and independent multi-part such as possible. According to purpose of use of alternative project design could be improved.



Hook and Bearing Roller mounted to galvanized rail that allows the system movement. Rollers connect to curtains with aluminium capsules. Used in the system and each one specifically manufactured Assembly, Rail and Stopping apparatus allows safe and easy assembly. Tensioner chain uses to make the curtain stay straight.

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pvc film

For the safety of workplace, Anti fire Marshal feature is reason to prefer PVC Film.